Q. C. Marine Surveyors
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Q. C. Marine Surveyors

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During the current COVID 19 Situation, Our QCMS Team remains committed to its Clients within the guidelines of the Ontario Provincial Government Emergency Measures Act. Many Clubs and Marinas have restricted access to Vessels due to Social Distancing Requirements. Please check with your Club or Marina prior to attending your Vessel.
Scheduled Surveys are being rescheduled as required.

 We wish you and your families the best possible outcome during these turbulent times.

We are all in this together.
Apprentice Position's Available - - - - Contact Stephen Scott - - - - ssoysterbay@gmail.com

Toronto and West
Stephen Scott

Toronto and East
Donald Roe

Bay of Quinte, Kingston and the Thousand Islands
Paul Eisfeld

Our Beginnings:    In 1985 Ray Shepherd, a well established builder of semi custom trawlers with many years of experience in the marine industry, was approached by a major Toronto marine insurance broker to inspect a boat where there were some underwriting concerns. After consultations with that broker, now deceased, but with the same family successfully carrying on the brokerage firm, it was concluded that there was a considerable need for Insurance related boat inspections or "Marine Surveys". Consequently "Marine Surveyors" was added to the Q.C. Yacht Constructors name. In 2011 the focus of business changed again with the retirement of Ray Shepherd. We carry on, proudly serving our clients today as Q. C. Marine Surveyors. With roots firmly planted years ago, marine survey associates, Donald Roe, Stephen Scott and Ray Shepherd (now retired), present a formidable team with knowledge and boating expertise acquired over a combined 125 years in the Greater Toronto area. In 2016, Paul Eisfeld joined Donald and Stephen, adding QCMS coverage in the Bay of Quinte and Thousand Island areas.

Q.C. Marine Surveyors inspect and report on vessels using the following reference standards and directives.

  • TP1332, Transport Canada Construction Standards for Small Vessels. TP1332 frequently refers to and is continually in the process of being harmonized with ABYC Standards.
  • ABYC - The American Boat and Yacht Council.
  • TP511E - The Safe Boating Guide (Safety Equipment Requirements) TP511E.
  • NFPA - The National Fire Protection Agency
  • CSA, Canadian Standards Association.
  • RSG-CE - The Recreational Craft Directive and RSG Guidelines 94/25/EC

Transport Canada & the U.S.C.G.:    These entities do not approve or certify Marine Surveyors nor is there any legal requirement for Marine Surveyors to be accredited or certified. The prime single requirement that a Marine Surveyor must possess is the ability to provide a professional. informative and accurate vessel inspection report, prepared within the scope of the survey requested and presented in a format acceptable to your insurance company.

Certification/Accreditation:    There are a number of private membership certification and accreditation organizations in the United States and Canada.  Each has its own fee structure, code of ethics, membership qualifications and education requirements. Several of these private organizations are listed on our "Important Links" page.